Author: annewalk

Mirror Image

We found that bird, neck snapped and bloody on the deck under the window. Towers look like skies. you said gnawing on the end of a bone. The skin is the best part.

primary palette

I like the idea of limiting the number of words in a poetry collection in the way a painter limits a palette. A vocabulary made of basic words. Words repeating, showing up in multiple poems, shifting in meaning, standing in for complex thoughts, experiences, memories. Private metaphor. Memoir in code. A spoon, a bird, a […]


I       peered into the meringue        of his mouth stiff peaks         sticky on my tongue *experiment with mixing text at Language is a Virus*

my sweet

you are lollipop you are sugar kiss you are moss you are the rain has my heaven, and all this is picture to the rainbow *using a variety of tools at Language is a Virus*