Colour – Warm and Cool in Black and White

Colour - Warm and Cool
Black, white and greys and wonderful neutrals to use as base colour layers in your theme…but are they really neutral? Should they be? Let’s look at colour theory and how blacks, whites and greys can be used, not just as neutrals but as colour palettes that compliment your content and evoke emotions in your readers. ... Read more »

Add PHP to the Text Widget

You might find a php snippet that adds dynamically generated content. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to add it as a sidebar item? There are a couple of ways to do this. If your template is a child theme or your own theme, you could add this snippet to your functions.php file. ... Read more »

Random Colour Generator

Random Colour Generator
Have a text widget capable of handling PHP and wondering what kinds of things you could put in it? Here’s what I made for my Design category page. Every time a reader visits the page, a new hex code will generate and show the hex colour. ... Read more »

Extend TinyMCE in Your Functions.php

New Buttons on TinyMCE
If there are a few extra things you’d like your text editor to do, you don’t want a plugin and you’re confident adding php snippets to your functions.php file, try these. Want styles? Add classes in functions.php and add styles in css. I’ll show you how. ... Read more »

Testing Text Editor Plugins for WordPress

I’ve been testing plugins to extend the default features of the default TinyMCE Wordpress text editor. The three I’ve tried so far have been TinyMCE Advanced, Ultimate TinyMCE and Zedity. All three have solid reviews on the site and are under active development. ... Read more »

WordPress Admin Area – Part Seven – Media

The Media screen is your repository for all of your images, videos, audio files and other attachments uploaded to your site. Add Media on the fly through the Add New Post and Page screens or use this Media screen to Upload and edit items separately and then choose them as you need them. ... Read more »

Screen Options With List Views

Screen Options After
The Screen Options drop down contains nothing more than a set of checkboxes that allow you to show or hide various elements on the screen. This may seem trivial and, in some cases, it can be. In others, however, as with the All Posts screen, showing or hiding elements can make a big difference when used in concert with the list view. ... Read more »